Services Overview

Boarding Services

Our kennels are designed for your pets comfort. Our climate controlled runs have complete air exchange systems that filter and change air 15 times an hour, offering clean odor-free air at all times with temperatures between 65-70F at all times

For safety and health of your pet, we require proof of several vaccinations (i.e rabies, dapphl, bordatella, canine influenza, etc.) for any services at this facility. We prefer all shots one week before boarding or there will be an isolation fee of $15. Please have your Vet fax a copy of the most recent vacinations one week prior to boarding.

Our giant and multiple large dog rooms are 10 X 10, large dog rooms are 4 X 10, Medium dog rooms are 4 X 8, and small dog/cat/exotic rooms are 4X4. Various sizes of outside play yards give your pet the opportunity to run, bark, and play. The dogs are able to see their neighbors through the fence but are not allowed to play together in the same pens. We also offer play, walk, and socialization, time for an additional cost. This includes one on one time with a pet attendant and your pet.

  • - Multiple pet discount
  • - Long term boarding available
  • - Pets are monitored continuously; kennels cleaned and sanitized daily
  • - Outdoor areas of varying sizes to meet the needs of your pet
  • - Feeding on your schedule
  • - Your own food and treats are welcome or we can feed Sportmix – 21% protein, 12%fat, no preservatives
  • - A Favorite blanket, bed or toy(s) can be brought along for comfort and familiarity - We also have blankets available to use during stay
  • - Cats have their own separate area away from dogs and noise
  • - Own bed, toys and food can be brought in
  • - Litter box, resting box and toys are provided
  • - Specialized individual attention provided upon request

Grooming Services

Our groomer is a Certified All Bread Groomer and is assisted by one part time groomer that average over 20 years experience in grooming a variety of dog and cat breeds. The grooming shop is open M-F for non-boarding appointments. Only all natural shampoos and conditioners are used on your pet.

Our groomers make the time to make sure your pet is clipped to meet your needs. We also specialize in difficult cases without having to resort to tranquilizers.

Grooming services can be personalized on a rotating schedule that works best for your pet and your budget.


Retail Services

One stop shopping made easy. Our focus is on All Natural pet foods, treats, and supplements from reputable suppliers. Our store also carries a wide assortment of bones, grooming equipment, toys, shampoos and conditioners. We will also cater to special requests for gift baskets or hand made items, and we will even ship them for you. If it is not on our shelf, just ask we probably have a source to order it for you. We have natural wholesome foods for dogs and cats available in our shop. We specialize in Canidae, Premium Edge, and Wellness pet food and supplies.

  • - Play toys
  • - Chew ropes
  • - Bones
  • - Snacks
  • - Training and grooming supplies
  • - Pet vitamins
  • - Supplements
  • - Training aids
  • - Leashes and collars
  • - Cat litter
  • - Specialty and hard to find items can be ordered


Limo Services

We provide a convenient pet pickup and delivery service with our Pet Limo.  We can also provide a Pet to Vet service for a nominal fee. 

The amazing Pet Limo has been featured on TV and featured in Feb 2010 People magazine. Cick here to see the Associate Press story on YouTube.

Available by appointment
Please call 719-382-1126


Training Services

Janice Mann, CPDT –KA, CADBC, CCMP, is a Certified Professional Pet Dog Trainer Knowledge Assessed, Certified Associate Dog Behavior Consultant, and a Certified Canine Massage Practitioner.  Janice is also a Therapy Dog Specialist.  Janice has had more than 15 years experience training, behavior consulting, and doing massage, Chinese Meridian Massage, Acupressure, Reiki, Healing Touch, and TTouch.  Janice also has an extensive working knowledge utilizing flower essences and essential oils.

Janice trains exclusively utilizing reward based/ positive reinforcement methods.  Janice offers group classes, in home private training/consulting, Therapy Dog Training, and Service Dog Training.

Janice can be contacted at:, 719 337 4302 or 719 264 1267.